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Our hearts beat into infinity

Heart rocks

Listening to a podcast of Hay House Radio, with the late Dr Wayne Dyer in conversation with Dr Terry Gordon, Conscious Cardiologist I was blown away by this. Our heart beats into infinity.

Dr Gordon talks about the sheer velocity of our heart’s beating strength and how we are connected to each other through our hearts.

Every heartbeat generates a unique reading which we can measure (with amazing technology) and know that it is travelling at the speed of light. 186,000 miles per second!

Dr Gordon asked himself what happens to the impulse of our hearts once it has got to the furthest reaches of our body. After all, as a cardiologist he has held beating hearts in his hands. So, what happens? Does it stop? Stop dead at the end of our legs, fingertips or tops of our heads? No, it carries on, out of our bodies and, at that speed, has the potential to reach 11,000,000 miles away in just 1 minute.

Stop and think about that for a moment. Notice the beats of your heart. Hone in on the idea that our every heartbeat joins the energy of the rest of the Universe. And every heartbeat of every other living being on the planet does too.

Next time you are feeling alone.

Next time you feel disconnected.

Next time you want to feel part of something bigger, something otherworldly, listen to your heart.

It’s right there, connecting you, right now.

Working with me is a way to connect your physical body with your emotional self and align your heart with your brain. I use herbs and EFT-tapping, food and more to enable you to re-join all your dots. To feel your heartbeats and all the love within you. Get in touch


Fear in times of uncertainty

It’s one of the hardest things to manage. Fear. When we don’t know what’s around the corner or even where the next corner is going to be.

We are living times of previously unthought of difficulty. You may have lost people you love, your business may look rocky or you’re on your own at home, you may be nursing the sick and be frightened for the welfare of your loved ones.

Human beings are resourceful and I truly believe we will find our way through this. Right now, though, it gives us time to reflect and be with ourselves – perhaps a little too much.

During times of challenge, the Bach Flower Remedies can be a source of great comfort and relief. I studied them in 2003 and have used them myself and for my patients for years. Most recently I have found that subtle action to be very powerful. Issues which have been affecting my daily relationships and general wellbeing are just melting away.

Some of the remedies I expect to turn to right now are:

  • Walnut – for change
  • Honeysuckle – for relinquishing our hold on the past
  • Mimulus – for fear of known things
  • Apsen – for fear of the unknown
  • Elm – for feeling overwhelmed
  • Star of Bethlehem – for shock
  • Mustard – for feelings of gloom
  • Gentian – for feelings of despondency

And others which might be around loneliness and feelings of isolation.

If you feel that any of these and/or other emotions are troubling you right now, I am offering short consultations and a remedy to be posted out to you.

Ordinarily, I charge £65 for an hour and the remedies are £5. To bring relief to my community, I am offering a consultation for 20mins online via Zoom and the charge (including the remedy and the postage) is £25.

Email me to sign up: HertsHerbalist@hotmail.com

If you are self-employed/unemployed and struggling then I will give you my time for a donation and charge £8 for the remedy and postage.

The remedy will last for around a month.

Dr Bach felt that combining up to 7 different remedies in one mix was optimum. This means we can address 7 different areas of concern. Have a think about your primary concerns right now. We will work it out together but you might also like to have a look for yourself. I suggest this resource: https://www.healingherbs.co.uk/choosing-and-using/essence-selector/

What is entirely unique about the way I work with the remedies is that I often make the remedies up in Rose water or Orange blossom water. I use these other flowers as they bring an extra comfort to the remedy. The aromatic waters are very high quality remedies from the Avicenna, the herbal supplier known to produce the best aromatics. The rose water is like being surrounded by pure, fragrant rose petals. It’s glorious!

Sign up for this great offer by sending an email to: HertsHerbalist@hotmail.com and include a phone number that I can contact you on.

I look foward to helping support you through this.

With love,

Lucy, your local herbalist