Children and babies appointments

I love working with children. I love how direct and honest they are telling you just how it is. They also respond really well to herbs. Their young bodies are happy to be guided by the plant medicines which nudge them back to health.

They also usually love getting involved in making potions and then taking them. With really young children, I use syrups and aromatic waters which are gentle and taste less ‘strange’ to their palates. Some children love herbal teas and I will always choose ‘lighter’ tasting herbs for teas. You know your child and what they will be prepared to do or not. We work with that.

Some conditions require changes to food which may feel hard to do at first. Children like their routines and understanding where the boundaries are and get used to eating in certain ways. When we all work as a team, these things can be tackled more readily.

I have brought my daugher up on herbs. If she gets upset in the night after a nightmare, or can’t get to sleep if she’s too giddy, she asks for her Chamomile and despite its bitterness, eagerly sups it down as she knows how it feels for her little body.

Babies also respond well to herbs. They can be used as the water part and given in formula, in their bath water or via mum if the baby is breast-fed.

When a child is sick, it affects the whole family, especially the nearest carers. Don’t forget to take care of yourself when looking after a poorly child.

I find it is always worth working with parents/carers too. With herbs there are loads of ways to do that. Teas to reduce stress are a great starting point and whilst it is another action for a stressed carer to take, it quickly helps ease the load.


  • £60 – Initial consultation for a child (30-45m)
  • £40 – follow-up consultations (20-30m)
  • £30 – mini consultation for minor infections (15m)
  • Herbs – cost the same by weight as adult herbs but children’s dosages vary by their weight and age.

Contact me to make an appointment for your child