Bach Flower Remedies

The sweet and gentle flower remedies of Dr Bach are an ideal adjunct or standalone therapy. I love to use them alongside the herbs to support the emotional aspects of health which my patients are experiencing.

Dr Bach created them as a self-care tool. And, they are great when we use them ourselves but working with a practitioner can get to the deeper layers which we might be shying away from, or less aware of.

When speaking of the remedies in a 1936 lecture, Dr Bach declared

“It is not the disease which is of importance, it is the patient, the way in which he or she is affected, which is our true guide to healing.”

I love my work because this very sentiment is right at the very core of everything I do. If I stuck to textbook interpretations of disease and rigid frameworks of treatment, I couldn’t help half the people I do.

The Bach Flower Remedy system was designed to be complete, self-contained and simple. He found the remedies by walking in the countryside. He felt that he had remedies which addressed every possible negative aspect of the mind and that when we deal with these, our bodily health often shifts as well. He believed that

“…emotional factors such as fear and anxiety led to distress of the mind and that this depleted the body’s natural vitality, with a consequent loss of natural resistance.”

I firmly believe this to be true and love that these gentle remedies can assist us along the way. I have found great personal shifts have become possible when I use these remedies both for myself and for my clients.

I have a deep resonance with our emotional states and this helps me to help you show me the layers which need unpeeling, gently and with empathic care so that we can enable you to find the space and emotional place you want to be in. At times, it can be fast, other aspects may be slow, but we always get there.

How I use the remedies

When you consult me for Bach Flower Remedies, the remedy combination – a carefully curated blend of flowers selected just for you – contains about 7 flowers. 

How much is a flower remedy consultation?

  • £85 for the 1st session (c. 60-90mins)
  • £60 for follow-up sessions (c. 45-60mins)
  • The remedy is included in the consultation fee

The remedy prescriptions are drops which you can add to your day’s water bottle every day and/or place under the tongue as required. I use filtered water, some brandy and where indicated, a flower water such as rose, lemon balm or orange blossom. The flower waters bring a specific taste to the remedy and boost its healing properties.

Contact me to find out more about flower remedy consultations