The medicines

Herbal medicines are generally in the following format:

TINCTURE:   A tincture is an alcohol extraction of dried or fresh whole plant material (the alcohol also acts as a preservative)

Plant parts are soaked in an alcohol solution at a strength which extracts the active constituents. For example, aromatic plants such as lavender require 45% in order to extract the essential oils as well as other constituents.

The prescribed medicine will be a usually be a mix of 5-7 different tinctures made from plant materials which act separately and in conjunction with each other.

Each tincture blend is tailor made especially for you.

Cost:  £9.40 for 105ml of mixed tinctures (a usual week’s worth)

Generally, a tincture is taken as a 7.5ml dose twice daily – you’ll be given a measuring cup

TISANE:  Herb teas made up of dried plant materials, e.g. petals and leaves, steeped in boiling water

DECOCTION: requires the boiling of tougher plant materials such as seeds, roots, barks to extract the goodness

Cost:  £6.00 for 100g of dried herbs

A herb tisane is usually 2 heaped teaspoons of herb per cup, 3 times per day

CREAMS:  A variety of natural, handmade creams with essential oils and tinctures added to them. Applied twice daily

GELS:  Tinctures and/or essential oils may be added to aloe vera gel to make a soothing, non-greasy, topical application.

Cost:  Starts at £5.00 per 25g

SALVES/OINTMENTS:  Homemade herb infused oils are blended with vegetable butters and beeswax to make a light but rich and nourishing skin application which is readily absorbed.

Cost:  Starts at £4.50 for a 10ml lip balm