Winter Wellness Plan – The details

Fed up with being snotty, snuffly and bunged up? This is the plan for you.

A tapping and herbal well-being ‘defense’ plan for you this Autumn-Winter.

My wonderful plan is designed to see you through 20 weeks of Autumn and Winter being as well as you can be! What’s included?

  • Tapping videos;
  • Weekly emails;
  • 3 sessions 1-2-1 with me;
  • A brilliant blend of herbs;
  • Emergency herbal tincture

Plus an EARLY BIRD gift if you sign up by September 18th!

Plan dates

We start on 2nd October 2021 until 19th February 2022 (don’t worry, if you are not free on 2/10/21, we’re just getting started around that time)

Individual sessions with me

3 sessions each of 30m where we discuss your wellness needs, your progress and the bits you find you struggle with. These can be in-person in my Hertfordshire clinic or on Zoom. Your first appointment will be on or around Saturday 2nd October 2021.

These appointments can be clustered together near the start of the plan to get you motivated and up and running. Or, if you prefer to keep that external acountability vibe, spread across the 20-week period.

Pay here:

Tailor-made herbal tea blend

Keeping yourself well with immune supporting herbs chosen for their long-held tradition for wellness. Preparing your daily tea, drinking your daily tea and investing in your health has limitless value.

I love using herbal teas for my health. They are so simple to make and easy to drink. I prescribe them in a teapot – make sure you get a buzz from using yours so that it feels great to use it. They brew overnight so the roots get their full strength out.

Tap-along videos

Weekly tap-along videos for you to play at a time which suits you. EFT-Tapping is a fantastic self-care tool which can be brought into your life so easily. Tap along with these videos – there’s no need to know what to do as I will show and decribe everything to you. We can tap out the stuff which gets in our way and tap in the things we would prefer to feel. Each one is designed to address an aspect of winter health and wellness by boosting the different areas of your immune system, supporting you to sleep better, eat better and generally feel more you.

It’s a super-charge booster to the herbs and your wellbeing and a great way to give to yourself the healthy help you need.

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Weekly emails

Need support and help with new things? My weekly emails are designed to get you fired up, engaged and ready to be the best you throughout the calmer, darker days of Winter.

I love words and I will create wonderful emails to send out to you every week. You will feel that personal touch and be inspired to take the simple actions they introduce and encourage.

The first email will go out on Monday 4th October and will be weekly thereafter until Monday 14th February 2022.

Emergency tincture blend

So, something snuck through, despite all your efforts? Keep this tailor-made blend to hand just in case you begin to feel those tell-tale signs of something ‘coming on’. Knock it on the head with the conbination of a strong blend of tinctures created and blended just for you and the daily tea.

Tinctures are alcohol* extractions of herbal medicines and are sometimes considered stronger than dried herbs. They are a great way to get an additional level of support into your system when it’s under fire.

Early bird special gift – pay by 18/9/21

Sign up by September 18th and a 25g pack of 3 super-special herbs specifically chosen for assisting in the prevention of colds and ‘flu. A wonderfully tasty tea blend used by herbalists all over the world. This great tea is yours if you sign up by 18th September. Pay here:

The cost to you?

Just £350 per person for 20 weeks of high-quality medicines and great health support. The value of this plan is immense as you will be staying focussed on keeping yourself in the best of health throughout Autumn and Winter.

Pay here:

Questions? Drop me a line here


  • Medicines are tailor-made and not suitable for sharing
  • Refunds are not made for unused medicines
  • You retain full responsibility for your own health
  • Payment in full must be made at the start of the plan
  • Not suitable for pregnant women, those with long-term chronic health conditions, those on immuno-suppressants
  • Medicines are collected from Hemel Hempstead or posted – posting incurs additional costs

Terms: All health concerns, medications and other treatments must be disclosed in order for herbal medicine prescriptions to be safe. A full questionnaire will be required to be filled out. Please let me know if rye-ethanol alcohol-based medicine is not suitable for you.

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