Founder Gray Craig says at the beginning of his EFT manual:

“Perhaps I should be humble about it, but I think EFT will dramatically change your world. I will go further and say that these… are a ‘Declaration of Independence’ because they bring you

  • Freedom from negative emotions
  • Freedom from years of self-doubt or grief
  • Freedom to earn a greater income
  • Freedom from anxiety
  • Freedom to express love easily
  • Freedom from intense fears and phobias”

Doesn’t that sound great? Most people would pay a large amount of money if they thought all those kinds of things in their life could disappear really quickly.

Well, it is the experience of many practitioners of EFT that you CAN free yourself relatively quickly without pills or hours of re-living your life story.

Why am I using EFT with my patients?

I strongly believe that the majority of the physical ill health I see in my consulting room has been triggered by an emotional event. That event may even not feature high up your radar or might be huge. But, I believe that when we are suffering emotionally, many other aspects of our well-being suffer too.

  • When we are stressed, grieving, worried – the list could go on – we tend not to sleep as well.
  • When we don’t sleep well, most of our physiological functions are affected.
  • When we haven’t slept well, we crave the false boosts of junk foods and caffeinated drinks.
  • When our bodies are fed with ‘junk’ they don’t have the nutrients they need to carry out the requirements we put on them.
  • Then we feel low and dispirited on top of whatever psychological stress we were already feeling.
  • And so it goes round.

It is my belief that EFT can de-fuse the strong emotions which have begun the cascade from one or two health niggles to full-blown intolerable symptoms/disease state. Combine that with addressing the symptoms and underlying pathological aspects with herbal medicines, we create a winning team.

Why see me?

Of course, you can do EFT for yourself. But, it’s quite likely that if you’re reading this, that you’ve not yet got round to it or you have been putting it off. Maybe you feel unsure about how to do it. Maybe you don’t know which words to say. Perhaps you feel afraid of what you might uncover. And, maybe you just prefer to have the support of a professional who views it from the outside.

Whatever the reason, I am happy to get you started on your EFT journey.


Single or 1st session:  £75 – ideal to explore one issue

  • A first session is around 90 mins involving starter questions to help find the root of the issue.
  • Future sessions are 60 mins.
  • You will receive a tapping plan with phrase suggestions to use at home

PAYG sessions after 1st session: £50 

Block of 6 sessions: £280 – ideal for delving into a few things

  • A first session is around 90 mins and involves the starter questions
  • Future sessions are 60 mins
  • We will develop a personal practice for you to carry out at home
  • You will receive a personalised tapping plan to use at home

Contact me to ‘Tap it all out’ and change your life.