Pholiage Teas created by Lucy Blunden Botanicals

A delicious tea for the Autumn and Winter season. As we approach the darker days, colder weather, the schools are back and we begin to experience the seasonal ills common at this time of year.

This tea is packed with 7 herbs traditionally used for colds, coughs and ‘flu to protect yourself this Winter.

I have chosen each ingredient for their long tradition of use during the Autumn and Winter seasons.

  • Sage for its affinity to the throat
  • Pine for its use in chesty conditions
  • Liquorice for its power to soothe
  • Cleavers for its ability to cleanse
  • Elderberries for their fruity anti-viral properties
  • Elderflowers for their use in fevers and snottiness
  • Olive leaf for its use as an anti-microbial

The alchemic balance of these herbs is designed to support you as we head into the darker months. Keepbing the bugs at bay this year.

Of course, there are a multitude of other things you can do to support your health as well as my tea. Rest. Good food. Sleep. Lower stress – by changing reactions into responses so that we are less impacted. Choosing health.

Let’s journey together. Get in touch to explore wellness appointment options with me if you feel that you need more support to stay well this year.

Note of caution: Not suitable in pregnancy, breastfeeding or where there is hypertension