The herbal consultation

Inviting and comfortable consulting room in my home.


My clinic is in my home. It’s an inviting room with my dispensary on display! I have a couple of comfy armchairs where we can sit and talk in private.


To get a full picture of you and your health, you’ll fill in a questionnaire about your past medical history before you come to see me.

Food journal

You complete a food journal for 2-4 weeks to see what’s fueling your body and if nutrients are missing.


I also ask you to do a short online quiz called the 4 Tendencies. It is by Gretchen Rubin and the outcome tells me whether you respond to internal or external motivators when making changes in your life. It’s really helpful.


We go into a lot of detail about your reason for coming to see me. We talk about all your body systems so I can see how they all link together. 

I will also take your blood pressure and pulse and possibly examine other areas of your body where necessary – eg stomach palpation.

At the end of the consultation

I check that I have understood what you want help with and your priorities for treatment. I tell you about herbs I think might be useful for you and why I might choose them for you. We agree how to proceed.

After the consultation

I like to spend a little time with your information to

  • formulate the best blend of herbs for you based on what we’ve discussed
  • understand a little more about the picture of you and your symptoms
  • check any interactions between the herbs and any medications you take


I email you to tell you what I suggest and the actions of the herbs I have chosen. I make a couple of lifestyle suggestions. I suggest a couple of foods to add in. Then, assuming you like the herbs suggested, I make up the prescription. 


Prescriptions are entirely tailor made for you. No two prescriptions are the same.

A tincture is the most usual format for taking the herbs. I choose from my wide range (of high quality, mostly organic) tinctures, the herbs with actions which most suit your condition. We may also choose to prescribe a topical treatment such as creams, oils, salves or gels.

Herbal teas are another great way to get a regular input of herbs into your body. You might prefer to have prescriptions without alcohol. You might like to have a tea for a related but separate condition to reach for as needed. 

Prescriptions are usually collected from my doorstep. Postage can be arranged at additional cost.

Consultation lengths


  • The initial consultation takes up to 60-90 mins
  • Follow-up consultations take up to 45-60 mins

CHILDREN (aged 0-16)

  • Initial consultation takes 45-60 mins
  • Follow up consultations take 20-30 mins