The herbal consultation


My main clinic is in my home. It’s a comfortable room with my dispensary on display! I have a couple of comfy chairs and we’ll sit and talk in private in there.


To get a full picture of you and your health, you’ll fill in a questionnaire about your past medical history before you come to see me.


The questionnaire allows plenty of time during the consultation to talk about the reason you have come to see me.

We may also need medical examinations e.g. blood pressure, pulse, etc

After the consultation

I research to

  • check any interactions with medications
  • check the full picture of a diagnosis you may come with
  • decide on the best herbs for you

Then I make up the prescription. I usually get ideas of herbs for you during the consultation and may describe how they would work to you. This also helps ensure that my thinking aligns with yours. And that our treatment priorities are aligned.


The prescription is usually a blend of carefully selected tinctures, glycerites or syrups to address the primary concern(s) discussed. Depending on your condition, I may also prescribe a topical treatment such as creams, oils, salves or gels.

Blends of dried herbs may also form part of your prescription, either as the primary medicine or in addition to the tincture.

Prescriptions may be posted or collected.

Consultation lengths


  • The initial consultation takes up to 90 mins
  • Follow-up consultations take up to 45 mins

CHILDREN (aged 0-16)

  • Initial consultation takes 45-60 mins
  • Follow up consultations take 20-30 mins