Immune Support Mini Series

Picture of immune support herbs and foods

We’re heading into Autumn and starting to think about keeping ourselves well through the season of colds and flu. And, with a pandemic to add extra burden to our systems, well, perhaps our thinking is keener than ever.

In order support to my community in an affordable way I have created this mini series of Zoom webinars, combining the best wellness techniques and good quality information to help you to help yourselves through winter.

What is it?

A fortnightly blend of EFT/Tapping, herbs you can use from your kitchen cupboards and garden alongside foods, mixed up with some good lifestyle tips and we’re heading into Winter fighting fitter.

When is it?

Saturday mornings 9am-10am on Zoom. Details sent by email when you pay

How much is it?

Bring a friend

If 2 people share the same Zoom video it’s £20 for the 2 of you

All details will be sent only to the email address which paid.

What happens?

  • Intros and a group Tapping to bring focus and ground us in our bodies
  • Introduction and discussion of the topic including tips, tricks and easy ways to help yourself
  • Immune system Tapping – garnering the strength and body wisdom you already hold within you


Each session will have a different theme around supporting immune system health giving you tools to manage symptoms and make small changes helping you feel healthier all Winter. Click each title link to find out more.

  • 1 – OCTOBER 24th – Sleep is your friend
  • 2 – NOVEMBER 7th – Kitchen herbs – part 1
  • 3 – NOVEMBER 21st – Stress reduction and why it’s so important
  • 4 – DECEMBER 5th – Alcohol and immune system
  • 5 – DECEMBER 19th – Kitchen herbs – part 2
  • 6 – JANUARY 2nd – New year, new you… Foods which support
  • 7 – JANUARY 16th – Rest and self-care
  • 8 – JANUARY 30th – Sage & Thyme – herbal helpers 1
  • 9 – FEBRUARY 13th – Elder & Echinacea – herbal helpers 2
  • 10 – FEBRUARY 27th – Get your gut in order!

What you get

A fun way to start your weekend. A group feeling of ‘in it together’. Really good tips and advice from a Medical Herbalist and EFT Practitioner. Simple and easy ways to support your immune system.

Tapping together is a great way to feel calm and centred. When we frequently bring focus to an area of our bodies, we raise our awareness and begin a relationship which supports our journey to better health.

At the end of each session, you will have received tips, resources, recipes of ways you can keep yourself well and deal with symptoms.


I am a qualified Medical Herbalist and EFT/Tapping practitioner. All information given is based on the assumption of basic good health and does not replace advice from your GP or other healthcare provider. This is not individualised health advice so, if you know that certain things do not suit you, don’t do them, even if I suggest them. We are all individuals and our reactions are too. If you do want more in-depth personalised advice, contact me for details of one-to-one sessions of EFT/Tapping, Herbal Medicine and Bach Flower Remedies.