Sleep is your friend

Week 1 of the Immune System mini series – Saturday, 24th October 9-10am

Wow, this is a dream come true. I’m using my deep vocational love as a Medical Herbalist and combining it with my new found joy for EFT-Tapping, in a super-charged mini series about supporting you to support yourself.

The joy and beauty of a good night’s sleep. See you in the morning! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Have trouble sleeping? Even if you don’t, improving your sleep, extending and deepening your sleep with a combination of herbs and EFT will pay you dividends as we head into Autumn and Winter.

We will cover herbs to support better sleep, tips on ensuring you get enough and Bach Flower Remedies for stopping circling thoughts. We will tap together to bring down cortisol levels to enable you to switch off that hyervigilant guard you’ve got going on which stops you sleeping.

Each week I will do a group Tapping on engaging your immune system, metaphorically sweeping it out and super-charging it to keep you as fit and well as possible.


I’m so excited to bring this to you. Each session is just £15. Click here to pay for your place.

If you’ve got a friend or member of your household who would like to join in on your Zoom link: it’s just £20 for the two of you! Click here to buy a space for two people in one Zoom

Learn more about the series here