The Cost – EFT

Paying for our emotional health in the UK seems more usual than for our physical health. We have services which help and I sincerely hope that EFT will soon be available on prescription on the NHS as it’s so incredibly effective. There is a mounting body of evidence which shows the remarkable results which are within reach.

EFT for self-care

EFT is a great self-care tool. In a 1st appointment as a single, we can work out a strategy of working by yourself to support your own health. This is a great way to feel empowered and no longer ‘at the mercy’ of your feelings.

EFT with a practitioner

My own experience of working with someone skilled in EFT is that problems, emotional stumbling blocks and old tired, unhelpful patterns begin to drop away. Sometimes to the point where you can barely remember that there was a problem let alone what that problem was! It’s not always like that but, when we give ourselves the investment of time with a professional, we open up the way to make the changes.

Investing in your health

When we choose to pay for something, we invest in it with our hearts and minds as well as from our pockets. When we come from that place, we are empowered and make much better use of the services we are buying.

My fees – PAYG

  • Your first appointment is £105 – 75mins
  • All follow up appointments PAYG are £80 each – 60mins

My fees – Courses including 1st appointment

  • Course of 3 appointments: £250
  • Course of 6 appointments: £565
  • Course of 10 appointments: £795

My fees – Courses AFTER 1st appointment

  • Course of 3 appointments: £225
  • Course of 6 appointments: £445
  • Course of 10 appointments: £740

Before an appointment

  • A free initial chat to check compatibility between us
    • We *both* need this to be a ‘good fit’

This is a great way to see whether we are likely to get on and to find out whether we think we can work toegther. It’s so important that we get along well.

Course of 3 appointments

This is a great way to work on a defined issue which is relatively small in impact. For example, I have worked with habitual anxiety, relationship issue, sleep and more in this structure

Course of 6 appointments

This allows us to get more in-depth with an issue and root out some of its deeper layers and impacts.

Course of 10 appointments

In 10 appointments we can work on something larger including trauma and wider reaching issues. During this course, we also get to know each other better and the benefits of the therapeutic relationship are more obviously at play.