Beauty and the Beast. Why two names?

Lucy Blunden Botanicals & Pholiage

As a medical herbalist, I practice and dispense under section 12.xx of the medicines act. This permits me to prescribe and dispense for my patients after a consultation.

In order to wax lyrical about the things I have observed in my patients, my thoughts on herbs and more, I have a blog. The blog will mention herbs and the outcomes in my patients. I am not permitted to sell those things in the same place as discussing my observations.

Therefore, I sell products such as my carefully blended range of delicious teas and luxe ointments and a lot more under my product brand ‘Pholiage’. All of these are sold direct to the public either with a cosmetics safety license or under my Envionmental Health food preparation inspection validation. There will be no mention of anything other than traditional use on that website. No discussion. No observation of my patients and their responses. There will be reviews and real-life human responses instead.

It can be very confusing but it is something I have to abide by.

Regardless of these funny regulations, no matter what I think a herb might do for you, everyone is individual and how you actually respond to said herb and herbal treatment is likely to be individual too.

That’s the beauty (and the beast) of my craft.