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Lucy Blunden, Medical Herbalist and EFT-Tapping practitioner

Are you looking for a solution to a health condition? Perhaps you have a variety of niggly symptoms and a desire to change your health but a sense of being stuck? You have tried loads of things to try and get better but you’re stil not in the healthy place you would like to be?

Maybe you are aware that each time you get stressed, overwhelmed or feel uptight, that you get sick? Maybe your health is holding you back from living your dreams?

When we are in a place of feeling stuck in either our emotions or our physical health, it can be frustrating and demoralising. You know it could be better. You have brilliant ideas but don’t realise them. You want to do x, y or z but a, b and c are holding you back. Making you feel stuck. It’s a cycle of ‘if only I… but I can’t’

When we work together, I use a combination of EFT-tapping with herbal medicines to get you out of that place of feeling sick and stuck to living the life you would like to live.

I won’t wave a magic wand. Where would be the fun in that? The joy and deep satisfaction I get is from travelling with you on your journey. Working together to find the space within you which is ready to be different, ready to fly and shift out of stuck and sick. And then we make it happen.

How do we make it happen?

EFT-tapping is brilliant at shifting the stuck emotions which are holding us back and the herbs nudge the body back into balance.

Tapping is based on the ancient principals of acuuncture and we lightly tap our fingers on acupuncture points to release stuck emotions and enable us to move forward.

Herbal medicine is the use of herbs to re-educate your body back into better health and balance and also to support your emotional journey.

The beauty of this unique combination is that the tapping turbo-charges the herbs. We can gently dig out the emotional hurts underneath the physical symptoms and create a more fertile ground for your health and dreams to grow from.


Why choose herbal medicine for your health?

It’s safe

It’s gentle and effective

It’s natural

When prescribed just for you, it has few side effects


Why choose EFT-tapping for your health?

It’s gentle and powerful

It harnesses your innate wisdom

It creates space and transformation

When working with a practitioner, you grow into who you want to be

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 What is herbal medicine?

Marigolds growing on my allotment

Marigolds growing in my garden. Calendula officinalis is traditionally used for skin and wound healing and makes a wonderfully soothing cream.

Herbal medicine is everywhere we go. Pavement cracks grow medicines, hedgerows usually are medicines, motorway central reservations, verges, fields, parks, gardens… Nature’s bounty is constantly reminding us it’s here, showing us healing plants… however hard we try to keep them down!

Those ‘pesky’, tenacious weeds are the foundation of herbal medicine and that’s what gets me so excited. It’s there for me, for you, and can be used by everyone.

I’ll use the leaves, roots, flowers and berries of our native medicinal plants to assist you on your health journey.

Together we will find the best path for you.

Herbal medicines are taken internally as nourishing tinctures or teas and may be applied to skin in rich oils, gels and creams.

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In your appointment with me we take time to explore your current health experiences. We look for how you got to this place of imbalance and we untangle the webs to find your path to better health.