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Lucy Blunden Medical Herbalist in Hertfordshire
HertsHerbalist at home with herbs

I love herbs. I love helping people with herbs. I love that weeds are our Traditional medicines.

I have The. Best. Job. in the World…

I am passionate about helping YOU find your path to health using herbs and foods.


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Why choose herbal medicine for your health?

It’s safe.

It’s gentle and effective.  

It’s natural.

Western herbal medicine has few side effects.

Digestion troubles? 

Fed up with always needing to know where the next loo stop is? 

Bored of sitting on the loo? 

Embarrassed by your belly bloat? Don’t know who to ask for help?

Can’t predict which food will set you off this time?

Talk to me

I have some herbs just for you.

love working on digestion with my patients as the gut is so responsive to herbs.

 What is herbal medicine?

Marigolds growing on my allotment

Marigolds growing in my garden. Calendula officinalis is traditionally used for skin and wound healing and makes a wonderfully soothing cream.

Herbal medicine is everywhere we go! Pavement cracks grow medicines, hedgerows usually are medicines, motorway central reservations, verges, fields, parks, gardens… Nature’s bounty is constantly reminding us it’s here by thrusting healing plants towards us… however hard we try to keep them down.

Those ‘pesky’, tenacious weeds are the foundation of herbal medicine and that’s what gets me so excited. It’s there for me, for you, and can be used by everyone.

I’ll use the leaves, roots and berries of our native European plants to assist you on your health journey. Together we will find the best path for you.

Herbal medicines are taken internally as nourishing tinctures or teas and may be applied to skin in rich oils, gels and creams.

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In your appointment with me we take time. Time to explore your current health experiences. We look for how you got to this place of imbalance and we untangle these webs to find your path to better health.