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Regular changing offers for you

I love to know I am getting a bargain. Buying when things are discounted feels like a bargain to me. Sometimes, I wonder if they are discounted for a bad reason like no one wanted them or they don’t work all that well. Rest assured that any affiliatons I have are with companies whose products I rate highly and would not have eg a short shelf life.

October deals – Lamberts Healthcare

ORDER BY EMAIL BY 1/10/21. Pay before 4/10/21.

This month Lamberts Healthcare* are focusing on Eye, memory, immune health and teen vitamins. If none of these are of interest to you, skip this bit! OFFER ENDS 1/10/21

15% discount – full price: £19.95 – DISCOUNTED TO £16.96 each + postage

20% discount – Full price £22.95 – DISCOUNTED TO £18.36 each + postage

10% discount – full price £14.95 – DISCOUNTED TO £13.46 each + postage

20% discount – full price £19.95 – DISCOUNTED TO £15 each

Buy 4, get 1 free – Full price £7.95 x 5 = £39.75 DISCOUNTED TO £31.80 for 5 packs + postage

WHAT TO DO. To buy any of these products send me an email with:

  • your name and postal address
  • which products
  • how many of each you would like
  • pay before 4/10/21
  • receive through the post direct to you

I will invoice you for them and once you have paid, I will order them. They will be sent direct to you. In order to benefit from the discounts listed, you need to place your order with me by 1/10/21 and pay before 4/10/21. After that, the offer will have ended and the discounts will no longer apply.

* I have an affiliation with select suppliers of high-quality supplements. This means we both get benefit if you buy these products through me.