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Our hearts beat into infinity

Heart rocks

Listening to a podcast of Hay House Radio, with the late Dr Wayne Dyer in conversation with Dr Terry Gordon, Conscious Cardiologist I was blown away by this. Our heart beats into infinity.

Dr Gordon talks about the sheer velocity of our heart’s beating strength and how we are connected to each other through our hearts.

Every heartbeat generates a unique reading which we can measure (with amazing technology) and know that it is travelling at the speed of light. 186,000 miles per second!

Dr Gordon asked himself what happens to the impulse of our hearts once it has got to the furthest reaches of our body. After all, as a cardiologist he has held beating hearts in his hands. So, what happens? Does it stop? Stop dead at the end of our legs, fingertips or tops of our heads? No, it carries on, out of our bodies and, at that speed, has the potential to reach 11,000,000 miles away in just 1 minute.

Stop and think about that for a moment. Notice the beats of your heart. Hone in on the idea that our every heartbeat joins the energy of the rest of the Universe. And every heartbeat of every other living being on the planet does too.

Next time you are feeling alone.

Next time you feel disconnected.

Next time you want to feel part of something bigger, something otherworldly, listen to your heart.

It’s right there, connecting you, right now.

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