Bundle of Bliss

Getting your ‘Ooooh’ back with Tapping & Tea

Are you a bundle of knots and tension? Do you worry about everything? Are you stressed most of the time? Do you have hopes and dreams and things you could do if you were less stressed?

Help is at hand.

My bundle of bliss offers support to mind and body to help you begin your personal transformation.

What’s in it?

Tapping audio

With this tap-along audio you will still your churning mind and let go of the tension of your worries and allow yourself to begin to relax. When we relax, we can begin to see new avenues and options.

Calm tea

This beautiful tea combines carefully selected floral herbs to soothe your jangled nerves, bring you internal peace and enable you to step into your bliss. Taste the refined blend of mellow lime flowers, soothing chamomile and enveloping rose. I make all my own blends using organic where available, based on my experiences with the herbs. I think you will love them.

The tea is easy to make and will last several weeks. My email will include a full guide to the tea-taking and tapping routines.

Drinking in the bliss…

What do I do?

Tapping and drinking tea daily is your easy-to-do commitment to yourself. Short and simple.

You can find 10 mins out of the 1440 minutes in each day, you really can. If you want to, drink the tea and do the tapping separately.

Your bliss, your day, your choice.

To get your bundle of bliss, you will need to fill in a short questionnaire about your health and any medications* you are taking.

How much is it?

£22 (incl UK p+p) Pay here: www.paypal.me/herbalist/22 and include your postal address and email address. I will email you the questionnaire and once you get that back to me, will post out your tea and email your tapping audio.

Tea top-up is £17 (including UK p+p) Pay here: www.paypal.me/herbalist/22 to get your top-up tea.

What will I get?

50g of hand blended herbal tea* and an MP3 file containing the tapping audio.

I don’t know how to tap

Don’t worry, I have a tapping guide on my YouTube channel. And, the moves are so simple you’ll have learnt them in no time at all.

*Notes of caution

This bundle of bliss may not be suitable for you if you are on medication, are pregnant or have a long-term health condition. Please contact me at lucy.blunden.botanicals@gmail.com before buying if you are unsure.