Skin Salvation

Are your hands battered by all the hand washing and alcohol from sanitisers? Want beautifully soft hands instead? Apply this sumptuous handmade balm after washing hands and overnight for touchably-soft and supple skin.

100% natural ingredients

  • Heart shaped bagged salves – £3.50 each
  • Heart shaped bedside box salves – £8.50 each
  • Trinket box salve – £5 each ( g)
  • Large trinket box salve – £8 each ( g)

I love this salve. I have been making and using it for years. I’ve experimented with lots of variations on the theme. I use it after washing up, after using harsh liquid soaps in public loos/at work. More in the winter. I’ll be honest, it is thick and feels a little tacky on first applying due to all the beeswax, but by morning – beautifully soft, supple skin and hands.

Ingredients: Infused oil, Beeswax, Cocoa/Shea butters, Essential oils

If you’re worried about the silk bedsheets getting greasy, wear soft cotton gloves after applying at night-time but I’ve not noticed anything on our cotton ones.