Sleep Well Sessions

“Sleep – the most beautiful experience in life”

W. C. Fields

I love my sleep. I love to sleep deep and sleep long. After 4 years of poor sleep, I felt like I was broken and would never sleep again. Before that, there were decades of deliberate sleep deprivation from going to bed too late… I am now re-born as a hardened sleep addict! It’s wonderful.

My new event, the Sleep Well Sessions are designed to bring you to my wonderful world of gloriously refreshing, deep and nourishing sleep. After all, good sleep is the best tonic for pretty much every ailment.

What we do

Group tapping on all sleep issues you might be experiencing eg

  • Not getting off to sleep quickly
  • Waking after an hour or two
  • Racing thoughts, crazy dreams, fears about being asleep eg ‘off guard’
  • Waking early and not going back off
  • Being easily woken by noises
  • Night-time weeing

Didn’t see your specific sleep issue there? Not to worry, we’ll cover whatever is bothering you too.

We’ll also tap on how poor sleep is affecting our days:

  • Dragging through treacle
  • Forgetful
  • Grumpy/Irritable/Rude/Angry/Volatile – any of and more like this
  • ‘Can’t be bothered’ feelings
  • It’s all too much/hard/effort
  • Making un-healthful food choices
  • Lacking concentration – worried about driving

This list is also not exhaustive but we’ll tap out whatever is there for us.

Breath and Chakra music

After the tapping has released our concerns, we will do 15m of simple, breathing exercises. Nasal breathing in time to (recorded) violin music… played by me! Each bow stroke is long, smooth, slow and steady; just how we’ll aim to get our breathing.

The Chakra energy centres in our bodies are represented by the musical notes C-D-E-F-G-A-B and I play each Chakra note several times, working up our bodies, through the notes from root to crown. Each bow stroke is a breath. Each note change is a chakra change.

Having this repetitive sound is hypnotic and deeply relaxing.

This breathing technique is a great way to get really relaxed allowing your body systems to slow right down. Perfect for drifting your way into sleep.

You don’t need to be musical. Just breathe your way through it.

What do I do?

I suggest that you brush your teeth, go to the loo, get your pyjamas on and get super comfy – maybe even in bed (set a timer to switch off your phone automatically), so that you can drift into a deep sleep at the end.

I really look forward to sending you to sleep.

How to book

  • Email: to book your place and receive bank details for payment
  • Fees: £10 per person
  • When: Fortnightly Thursdays 8.30-9.30pm
  • 2022: September 8th & 22nd. October 6th & 20th. November 3rd & 17th. December 1st & 15th. No session on 29th December 2022.
  • 2023: January 12th & 26th. February 9th & 23rd. March 9th & 23rd

Safe & Secure

It’s vital that we all feel safe and secure and confidentiality is key to the success of these sessions. Please respect everyone in a way you would wish to be respected yourself. Please do not have other people in the room with you, or use headphones to keep the audio private.

What happens in the Zoom room stays in the Zoom room.

Lucy Blunden