What is Herbal Medicine?

Rosmarinus officinalis is a strongly scented Mediterranean herb.

Rosmarinus officinalis is a Mediterranean herb with a powerful scent. Herbalists use the leaves and flowers and I grow my own for use with my patients.


Western herbal medicine is the traditional plant medicine of the UK and Europe. Today it combines traditional usage with emerging scientific research.

Herbal medicine uses whole plant extracts. The concentrated extracts are made from plants which are often thought of as weeds, or culinary herbs and hedges! From those plants medicines are made from the roots, barks, stems, leaves petals and seeds.

Western herbalists use the same medical model as doctors and nurses to understand health, illness and diagnosis.

During the first consultation, I will ask all about your previous medical history as well as lots of in-depth questions about what you are seeking help for.

My treatment strategy is to reduce symptoms (as this is generally what bothers you, the patient, the most) and address underlying causes. Identifying causes will help to change the patterns which perpetuate symptoms.

An important part of your health jounrey is that you engage with me in your healthcare. I am not a magician, much as I would love a wand from Diagon Alley… and so I may suggest modifications to aspects of diet and lifestyle.

We will work together to find out any triggers so that you can make healthier choices.


Every prescription I make is tailor made to each patient. I select from my high quality stock the best medicines to address your health concerns.  I make up your prescription every time you see me.

I mostly use tinctures with my patients. Patients find that they are easy to prepare and take and generally prefer the convenience.

What is a tincture?  Tinctures are mainly made by soaking plant material in a alcohol solution to extract the medicinal constituents. Once strained, the alcohol then acts as a preservative. Find out more about tinctures

If you prefer not to take alcohol:

Melissa officinalis, a lemony member of the mint family used in a variety of ways

Melissa officinalis, a deliciously lemony member of the mint family.

What about herbal teas?  Your medicines can also be taken as dried herbs with which you make a herbal infusions (teas). I will teach you how to make a medicinal tea.

Topical I really like herbal creams, oils and gels

Supplements Can be really beneficial to ensure a balanced nutrient intake but generally, it is best to get your nutrients from your foods.

When I do prescribe supplements, I use a Food State company as I believe these to be the best form.


Herbal medicines are entirely safe when prescribed by a qualified herbalist and taken according to the instructions given.  Natural alone does not mean safe. Many harmful substances occur in nature (ricin, deadly nightshade, opium etc)

Herbal medicines are gentler than pharmaceutical medicines which may cause you some unpleasant side effects.

I will ensure that the herbal medicines I select for you are safe to take alongside any prescription medications you are taking.