Paying for health in the UK seems odd. We have the NHS and it’s free, right?

Of course it isn’t but because we don’t hand over the money at the time, we don’t feel it quite the same. A bit like paying on credit rather than hard cash!

Investing in your health

When we choose to pay for something, we invest in it with our hearts and minds as well as from our pockets. When we come from that place, we are empowered and make much better use of the services we are buying.

My fees

Your first consultation is £120

Follow up consultations are £90

Liquid medicines start at £12 per week


What you get before

  • A free initial chat to check compatibility between us
    • We both need this to be a ‘good fit’
  • A pre-appointment questionnaire
    • Then we can spend the all appointment on you right now
  • A questionnaire to find out how you go about change-making
    • I love this as it helps us both so much to know this aspect of you
  • A food journal to fill in before we meet
    • This helps me see if nutrients are missing

What you get during Appointment 1

  • An in-person appointment for 60-90 mins
    • 1-2-1 time with me
    • Time to tell your story, describe your experience
    • Opportunity to discover new ways to care for your health
    • A physical examination eg blood pressure

What you get after Appointment 1

  • A detailed email with my reasons for choosing each herb in your mix and suggested lifestyle amendments
    • I love this part and devote time and care to getting it just right for you
  • An advice sheet on taking your medicines
    • All questions you can think of are covered! 🙂

What you get next – Appointment 2 (c.2 weeks later)

  • An in-person appointment for 45-60 mins
    • to check-in and make sure the medicines are suiting you
    • opportunity to ask more questions
  • Analysis of your food journal and recommendations by email
    • Food solidifies the changes the herbs make

What happens next – How many appointments do I need?

The next appointment is usually after 2-4 weeks. After that, we discuss how long we think is best until the next time we meet (4-6 weeks is common). After that, it might be 4-8 weeks. This depends on you and where you feel you are in the journey. Some people like a lot of support as they make changes. Others like to do it alone. We will discuss what works for you.

The appointments do not go on ad infinitum!  They become more spread out as we allow the herbs to do their work and stop once you are ready to ‘go it alone’.

Some people wish to remain on the herbal medicines but stop having regular appointments. We check in every 6 months or so to monitor any other changes.

After a while, most people feel that their journey with the herbs has finished and continue to manage their health with the lifestyle and food changes made.  You can always come back and/or continue to buy other remedies from me eg Winter Wellness or Hayfever mixes

How do I pay?

I will send you an invoice with bank details for a transfer. Paying for your appointment confirms the booking. Medicines are only dispensed once they have been paid for.

Anything else?

Sometimes, I recommend specific supplements. I have discount codes with my high quality supplement companies which entitle you to 10% off their products. You can use this discount after the herbal treatment has stopped if you wish to continue using supplements.

Books, podcasts and more

I like recommend things which will assist you in managing your health. There are a wide variety of things I choose from but some of my favourites are:

  • The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris
  • The Mindfulness Journal by Corinne Sweet
  • Grief Works by Julia Samuel
  • EFT manual by Gary Craig