Catching the Tapping bug

Since Lockdown started, I have offered weekly online EFT/Tapping sessions. I felt a deep imperative to gift an offering to my community which was both easily accessible and of immediate benefit.

  • WHAT: Catching the Tapping bug is a group EFT/Tapping session where an agreed group theme is addressed using the energy system of EFT.
  • WHEN: Thursdays at 8.30-9.10pm
  • WHERE: Online Zoom meetings (email me at for details)
  • WHO: anyone interested in feeling calmer, a sense of deep relaxation and self-care with an open mind is welcome
  • COST: Fees are donation based (suggested minimum £8)**

NOVICE? You don’t need to have any prior experience as I teach the ‘moves’ and demonstrate throughout the session. We usually agree on a group theme or topic and work together on the negative sides of that theme and then how to transform it.

WHAT DO I DO? I use the standard ‘basic recipe’ of EFT with the addition of the third eye point. Here is EFT founder Gary Craig demonstrating the basic recipe in an 8m YouTube video: It’s a really quick way to understand how simple the process can be.

EMAIL ME for Zoom details

WHAT DO WE COVER? Each week has had a different theme but it often relates to Lockdown emotions – eg fear, anxiety, ‘new normal’. We have also connected to our inner child and our physical manfestations of emotional pains, touched on grief, releasing old patterns, Lockdown eating and many more.

WHAT DOES IT DO TO ME!? Most people report feeling lighter and calmer at the end of the sessions. I have also received feedback that sleep has improved and that the positive effects have continued for a few days afterwards.

WHAT ELSE? I ask people to contribute a little about their experience so I can check in to make sure no one is left with heightened emotions which we haven’t addressed.

SAFE & SECURE It’s vital that we all feel safe and secure and confidentiality is key to the success of these sessions. What happens in the Zoom room stays in the Zoom room. Please respect everyone in a way you would wish to be respected yourself.

  • **FEES:
  • Your first session is COMPLETELY FREE.
  • Second session I ask for donation payments in-line with what you feel you have benefitted.
  • Suggested minimum is £8 per week.
  • I will give details for payment during the session.
  • If you are unemployed or have £ struggles due to lockdown, please contact me for suggested swaps or other ways you might ‘pay’.

ONE-TO-ONE SESSIONS: Individual sessions are a great way to go much deeper into the specifics of issues keeping you stuck or unpicking the repeating of unhelpful patterns. Issues to cover may be physical or emotional. My online clinics are on alternate Saturdays. The link to my fee structure is here:

EMAIL ME: if you have any questions or to request the Zoom details for the weekly sessions.

DISCOUNT: If you take up individual sessions after attending the Thursday tasters, I offer a discount of 10% off your initial appointment fee.

WHY EFT? I used to be really skeptical that something so apparently flimsy as ‘hitting yourself’ could be of benefit to any psychological issues. After working with two different professionals, doing my training and working with it myself, I have only found it to be beneficial. If nothing else, it is profoundly relaxing (and that’s something we can all do with right now) but I have been able to release unhelpful thoughts, emotional patterns and physical discomforts simply by harnessing the power of EFT/Tapping.


Here’s what Sophie O who had various pains from a fall put on Facebook after her first Catching the Tapping bug session:

More about me

I am a medical herbalist based in Hemel Hempstead. I have found that many of my patients’ physical ailments are triggered or escalated by an emotional event. If the emotions of that event are still ‘in the mix’ and bothersome, then it tends to hinder the body’s ability to move forward from the physical symptoms. To address this most effectively, I use EFT/Tapping to assist in the shifting of the physical and emotional ‘stuckness’ which have become associated with the physical issue.

I find this combination often brings about the desired changes quicker than using one treatment system alone.

CONTACT ME: or 07492 511 366 to book your discovery call