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Hedgerow love

Rowan berries in a decorative floral circle

It’s a wonder that I haven’t driven off the road as I pass by some glorious herbs craning my neck to have a good look!

This summer I have been particularly drawn to the forming rowan berries. Perhaps naming my daughter is what’s done it, or an inkling of their importance in Folklore…

Either way, I am saddened that this year our tree has 3 paltry bunches of berries. Not deterred, I find that the tree just down the road is LADEN! Absolutely heaving with luscious looking berries in huge clusters. So, I took my mini Rowan for a little forage… she might as well get used to it (in fact, a friend once told Rowan-the-pre-verbal-baby that she would need to get used to mummy popping into the bushes, camera in hand, for a closer look at some herb or other!)

We picked about 8 bunches and I have filled a bowl. We will be making some house decorations and a necklace for Rowan to wear. Rowan is reputed to be the very best of antidotes to witchcraft, fairies and other ill-doings. Carrying a twig will keep you safe from witches’ curses. Eating from the tree will sate you for nine meals and the wood used on the chimney breast will prevent witches from their favourite entry point – down the chimney.

I hope that the adornment of Rowan with a rowan-necklace won’t prevent mummy-witch from giving her daughter a kiss whilst she’s still young enough to accept them from me!