My story: Nia

Dancing in the Autumn leaves

Are you an exercise bunny? Do you love to run/workout/push yourself physically?

I have never been like that. I don’t ever remember a time when being physical was something I enjoyed. I cried throughout the entire cross country run at school, not because I wanted attention but because it felt so awful. I can’t even explain why I hated it so much, I just did.

This week, aware that I am not doing much in the way of exercise at the moment, I tried a new class. I like to do a class. The structure and commitment is helpful for me as is the sense of belonging to something. I met Michele a few years ago and was struck by her glowing personality and beaming smile. Our paths recently crossed once more in 2-day workshop with Sue Stone (and that’s a whole other story!) arranged by Tamara Donn and again I was struck by her lightness, her easy way with people and the way she seems to move happily in her life, mind and body. So, after investigating her website, watching her YouTube video, I signed up for a class. Nia with Michele Kaye in Kings Langley. The Monday Morning class fits perfectly with my schedule AND it is outdoors! Wow.

I’ll own that I was a little apprehensive but, talking to Michele and hearing that there weren’t yet many attendees in this class, I felt better about trying this new thing out without feeling ‘observed’ or ‘scrutinised’. The November day dawned bright and clear – no chance of it being cancelled then – and I arrived in the Steiner School Rose Garden with Michele. I was still a bit unsure what to expect…

Michele had a bluetooth speaker and she began playing some gentle but beat-moving music. I hate the kind of banging, super-loud beat-intense ‘driving’ music most exercise classes choose but this felt right.

And, we began. I loved the combination of fluid movements, the focus on each area of the body without drawing much overt attention to it. The invitation to move as much or as little as I wanted to, to rest if I needed and the sense that anything would be OK. Anything I did would be acceptable. I wasn’t worried about getting it ‘wrong’. I could look up into the sky. I could hear the birds. I could breathe the fresh air. I could move. And, move I did. I have always loved the sensuous movements of undulation and there was opportunity to explore that, to wave my arms around, to kick my legs and all of it just felt good. I simply enjoyed using my body.

Now, this is an ‘exercise’ I feel I could get into and I can’t wait for the next session!

Incidentally, I was never made to do cross country again (which was a rarity in my school)!

What do you enjoy doing?