My EFT ‘super-power’

I love working with EFT. I see such rapid results and it turbo charges herbal medicine work too.

As a practitioner, one of the things I wonder about the most is whether I am truly connecting with someone when we work with EFT. The level of trust required to do effective work which shifts our emotional states is impressive. I am humbled by the trust people lay in my hands.

My job is to begin laying the foundations of the therapuetic relationship which enables you to feel safe and able to bring yourself fully to the appointments. It is often really important to tread gently with a new client but I still want to be effective. Getting the balance just right is where the magic can happen. Recently, I have done a number of one-off appointments for specific issues.

This was the feedback I got from a session with A:

I was surprised by how much information you took on from my ramblings! A, Watford

A had previously only tried broader EFT in the form of tap-along videos. This is great and can be really helpful but getting specific helps much, much more. A had a very clear aim for the session which was also very helpful.

We started with the top level words and feelings to do with ‘confidence in parenting’. Then as we tapped, we listened for the subtler rumblings underneath the surface. As we listen to our less conscious thoughts and feelings, and tap on them, we begin to release them. In that release, they lose their emotional power and the stranglehold they might have on our day-to-day choices and feelings.

For the final section of the session, I asked A how she would like to feel. Her desired feeling was ‘more trust’. We developed the word into an image with colour and texture until it was vibrant and alive. Then I brought that vibrant energy of trust right into all of A’s cells by visualisation.

At the end, I suggested finding an item, creating a picture or using something which would remind A of this energy and its positive force for her.

Working with a complete stranger especially online, brings its challenges. Every session takes us closer to being more whole, more in tune with our needs and being happier, contented and fully functional in society and in our lives.

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